Hydraulics for drilling machines, high-torque boring heads, drilling machines sought

Co nabízíme:
-Hydrocylinders (diameter of the piston from 25mm up to 320 mm, a course up to 3000мм) in various execution, with use of modern sealing elements;
- Sleeves of a high blood pressure with conditional passage D 6-32mm.;
- Elements of a joint of building-road technics (the plug, fingers);
- The hydroequipment: hydrovalves, hydrolocks, valves return management;
- Products for armored technics;
- Chrome-plated bars, honed tubes, linear motion shafts, phosphatized and zinc-plated pipes;
- Con-cast iron ingots, mountings of hydraulic cylinders (lugs, caps), other materials, components and tools for hydraulics manufacture and repair;
- Spare parts for imported mobile construction machines.

Hledaná spolupráce:
  • Obchodní zprostředkovatel (zástupce, distributor)
  • Subdodavatelské služby
  • Výrobní dohoda


Pan Vladimir Litvyakov
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